Sustainability Report 2019

“Dear Stakeholders

This is the first edition of the Duferdofin-Nucor published Sustainability Report but, as demonstrated by the following contents and results described throughout the document, it is clear the steady commitment of the Group towards sustainability issues even in the past years. Duferdofin-Nucor Group considers social, environmental and economic sustainability a critical value of strategic relevance and a comprehensive act of responsibility towards all Stakeholders.

The Report has been completed during the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic and the measures and actions taken to respond to this health, social and economic emergency will be fully disclosed in the next Sustainability Report. In the meantime, it is due to mention not only the responsibility and the commitment the Group showed to ensure economic safety and health safeguard of its employees, with whom it is bond by a close relationship, but also the attention, the support and the closeness towards local communities and regions where Duferdofin-Nucor plants are located. The ability to timely respond and adapt to this emergency is a Group’s asset and an added value to be preserved over time.

Our company processes rely on integrating quality, environment, health and safety through the adoption of the highest standard. The continuous technological improvement, mainly focused on innovation and digitalization, and the valorization of human resources, through specific training for personal and professional skills development and risk prevention, are pillars of our sustainable development strategy. We actively promote and monitor with careful risk assessment, the business conduct of directors and employees in compliance with the law and our Code of Ethics based on principles of transparency and integrity.

We acknowledge our pivotal role in fostering a circular economy model as electric furnace steel producers. Steel products are indeed 100% recyclable and input material are mainly scrap iron recovered from different industries. Recovery and re-use solutions implemented during the productive process, in particular energy and natural resources, and efficiency improvement both contribute to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and represent a competitive advantage for the entire Group.

Duferdofin-Nucor is constantly engaged in furthering its commitment to energy sustainability. In this regard in 2019, by leveraging the relationship with Duferco Participations Holding, the Group signed the first Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) closed by an Italian steel Group for the long-term provision of electricity generated entirely by renewable sources in Italy. This will cover the energy demand of the new rolling mill which is currently under construction in the San Zeno Naviglio plant (Brescia, Italy).

Despite the increasingly competitive and challenging economic context, we believe business and sustainability integration as a factor of growth will lead our work and future decisions and raise our targets. When it comes to sustainability matters, ambitious goals are crucial and not extendable. Enjoy the reading.”

Franco Monteferrario

The Duferdofin- Nucor Group Sustainability Report is online, a work strongly desired by the Management to describe, in a trasparent way and according to international reference standards, our commitment to sustainable development.