The Hot Rolled Structural Steel Products in Pallanzeno and Giammoro plant have now the Environmental Product Declaration – EPD.
The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a voluntary certification scheme, born in Sweden but of international value, which is part of the EU environmental policies (Reformed Integrated Product Policy – IPP).
The EPD is developed in application of the UNI EN ISO 14025: 2010 standard (Environmental labels and declarations – Type III environmental declarations) and represents a tool to communicate objective, comparable and truthful information related to the environmental performance of products and services. The performances reported in the EPD must be based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in accordance with the ISO 14040 standards, a methodological basis from which the objectivity of the information provided arises.
The main objective of an EPD is to provide relevant, verified and comparable information on the environmental impact of a product or service.

La EPD :

  • it is applicable to all products or services, regardless of their use or positioning in the production chain;
  • allows comparisons between functionally equivalent products or services;
  • is verified and validated by an independent body that guarantees the credibility and veracity of the information contained in the LCA study and in the Declaration.

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for products of the Pallanzeno and Giammoro plant is now registered and published at

At this link you can download the .pdf format of the EPD in Italian or English.

Information on the different applications and case studies related to the use of the EPD can be found on the following pages: