Quality policy

The aim of the Duferdofin – Nucor Srl Company and its subsidiaries is the success of the Group through:

  • the achievement of financial results to meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders;
  • the consolidation of the position reached on the market, from both quantity and quality point of view.

The Duferdofin – Nucor Group strongly believes that success depends on its ability to:

  • understand the needs and expectations of customers (present and potential), including requirements that usually remain unspoken;
  • to regularly provide products that comply with these expectations;
  • increase customer satisfaction, even in relation to what is offered by the best competitors.

The Management of Duferdofin – Nucor Group has identified in the management system – as defined by ISO 9000 series – one of the main tools for achieving these results.

This management system – that is unique to the various Group companies – is designed to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of performance in accordance with applicable laws on safety, environment and labor discipline.

The Management is committed in the implementation and maintenance of such system and provides the structure and necessary resources to sustain and develop it.

The achievement of the defined above objectives is however responsibility of all staff of the several Companies of the Duferdofin – Nucor Group and involves therefore every function within the assigned tasks.

In such context, the system certifications from authoritative and independent organism are considered a moment of fundamental importance, in order to:

  • confirm to the Management the validity of the guide lines adopted and its terms of use;
  • provide opportunities for improvement;
  • to give evidence to all the interested parties that the management system of the company complies with all the relevant regulatory requirements;

The Management, in cooperation with the Management representative, defines the quality objectives aimed at improving the company performance: these goals are measurable (if applicable) and consistent with the Quality Policy.

The achievement of these objectives means:

  • manufactured of products complying with contractual specifications and expectations of the market, continuous products improvements and standard for production, the development of more competitive new products;
  • the repeatability and reliability of all company activities, in accordance with applicable laws;
  • the definition and implementation of appropriate improvement plans;
  • the involvement and motivation of the operating staff, obtained through information and training.

The Management provides to the Quality policy and to its objectives the maximum circulation at the relevant staff, ensuring it is understood, implemented and supported at all levels.

For this purpose, it is available to operators in the shared computer folder “Management Systems” and is exposed on company notice boards, so that all are aware of their obligations with regard to quality; for all other interested parties, it is available on the company website.

It is Managers responsibility to verify that the document is understood by its employees and, if necessary, provide the requested clarification.

The adequacy over time of the Quality policy and the achievement of its objectives are regularly checked by the Management (normally during the Management Review), and – if necessary – the appropriate corrective actions are taken.

San Zeno Naviglio, 10th june 2019