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Duferdofin – Nucor S.r.l. manages its own industrial processes, placing great importance on safeguarding the environment and, out of respect for the social community in which it resides, believes that it is essential to render explicit its Guidelines on environmental issues. These specifications are applicable to all the industrial sites belonging to the Group where manufacturing, transformation and processing of siderurgical products takes place.

The protection of environmental matrices and respect for the area in which our establishments are found are primary objectives of all future strategies for sustainable environmental development. Using this approach, the Management has agreed to implement and maintain active an Environmental Management System which meets the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 law at all the industrial sites, guaranteeing its constant improvement, making the entire Organization aware of it through the publication of documents on the internal Computing System, and providing information to those who work for it.

The Management confers the necessary authority for a profitable development of the Environmental Management System to the Environmental Manager who keeps it informed on the state of the System and on the progress of the indicators, in order to favour re-examination and continual improvement.

The goal of Environmental Policy and the Environmental Management System is to monitor the environmental impact of industrial activities, in order to carry out all the necessary actions to control, reduce and prevent any negative impact.

With reference to the above, Duferdofin – Nucor S.r.l. sets the following goals:

  • To guarantee that the environmental problems are managed in agreement with the laws and regulations in force, as well as fulfilling the requirements provided for by the Authorizations issued by the Competent Authorities.
  • To implement, document and maintain active an Environmental Management System in accordance with Law UNI EN ISO 14001:2004, as well as obtaining its Certification from Accredited Agencies.
  • To pursue continual improvement, constantly analysing and monitoring the indicators of environmental performance.
  • To keep all the industrial activities of the Group under check, with the aim of guaranteeing: o to prevent pollution o to save energy and natural resources o to progressively reduce and eventually eliminate the use of hazardous substances from its establishments o to reduce the amount of waste products, salvaging reusable materials which can be used in its own or other production cycles o to ensure training of personnel involved in the Environmental Management System, keeping them updated.
  • To guarantee the maintenance of safety procedures for the management of environmental emergencies. Finally, the Management sets the objective of disclosing its Environmental Policy to the public by publishing it on its website, in order to make the industrial and manufacturing companies with which it collaborates aware of an ecologically compatible type of management.

    Finally, the Management sets the objective of disclosing its Environmental Policy to the public by publishing it on its website, in order to make the industrial and manufacturing companies with which it collaborates aware of an ecologically compatible type of management.

San Zeno Naviglio, 15th November 2017


Environmental Policy – San Zeno Naviglio Steel Mill

The steel mill of San Zeno Naviglio from Travi e Profilati di Pallanzeno S.r.l. – Duferdofin- Nucor Group company – produces semi-products with square, rectangular, round and dog-bone sections in quality and special steels.

The production process is based on the recovery and transformation of ferrous scrap through the use of an electric arc furnace, which allows a reduction of the environmental impact due to the supply of raw materials.

The importance of protecting the environment has pushed the steel mill of Travi e Profilati di Pallanzeno S.r.l. to adopt an Environmental Management System according to the requirements of UNI EN ISO 14001 and the EMAS Regulation in order to pursue the constant and continuous improvement of its environmental performance, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

The responsibility for environmental management concerns the entire company organization, from the Management to each worker, and the contractors operating within the plant, each according to their role and skills.

With this in mind and on the basis of the values ​​expressed in the company Code of Ethics, the steel plant of Travi e Profilati di Pallanzeno S.r.l. undertakes to:

  • comply with the legal requirements (including any other environmental requirements signed by the Company), and the company procedures regarding environmental protection;
  • manage production activities in order to prevent and / or reduce the related environmental impacts, with particular attention to the management of waste produced and the risks associated with the use of pollutants;
  • adopt the best technologies available to prevent and / or minimize environmental pollution and optimize the consumption of natural resources and raw materials;
  • spread within the plant, through constant awareness-raising, information and training, a culture aimed at implementing correct forms of behavior in terms of protecting the environment and the territory;
  • inform the workers of the contracting companies and visitors about the environmental aspects present inside the plant and monitor their behavior with respect to the instructions given;
  • encourage the participation and collaboration of all interested parties in order to support and promote any initiative aimed at environmental protection.

This Policy represents the guide for the continuous improvement of the environmental performance of the plant and constitutes the reference framework for the definition and review of environmental objectives.

The Environmental Policy is disseminated to all personnel, displayed on company notice boards and made available to all interested parties on the company website.

San Zeno Naviglio, 1st september 2020