Safety policy

Safety Policy_ Duferdofin-Nucor

The Duferdofin – Nucor S.r.l. Group manages its own productive processes, and is committed to safeguarding the Health and Safety of all its employees, while at the same time satisfying the needs and expectations of the interested parties by complying with the legislations in force and through the continual improvement of its services

“Nothing is more important than the health and safety of everyone who works with us”
Our main objective is to have an accident-free workplace

In order to achieve this goal, it is therefore necessary that all resources are committed to:

  • Attending to safety in the workplace, seeking to eliminate risks right from the moment in which the production area is assessed, investing in new equipment or carrying out modifications to the working environment;
  • Promoting and pursuing the improvement of the services and of the results relating to safety and health issues in the workplace;
  • Developing awareness, establishing duties and promoting the correct attitude of personnel at all levels, with the help of appropriate education and training, procedures, instructions and informative documentation;
  • Preventing and correcting any hazardous situation by analysing the causes and the potential remedies even in cases of fairly insignificant accidents;
  • Checking the compliance with this policy by carrying out periodic audits and safety inspections, continuously checking the operational activities, the training and informative documentation, the risk assessments and the plans of action for prevention and improvement;
  • Making our policy on safety and health in the workplace available to all interested parties.

The practical application of the expressed specifications has anticipated the voluntary implementation of a Health and Safety Management System in the Workplace (SGSL) based on the current enforcement practice of the UNI – INAIL Guidelines and as indicated by art.30 of D.Lgs. 81/08 and s.m.i.

Our Safety Management System is founded on the following general principles:

  • A well defined organization with clear communication systems to steer the entire organization towards respecting the safety procedures;
  • The use of safe working methods, ensuring that all the internal and external staff who work at the firm or on its behalf are informed of their responsibility and are aware that they must work safely, with the objective of protecting themselves and others;
  • To improve the safety culture with systematic training and informing of staff in order to increase the level of awareness of the dangers and risks, and the knowledge of the techniques of injury prevention, managing emergencies, correct application of the provisions of the law and regulations.
  • The disclosure of information relating to accidents and injury.

In addition, Duferdofin – Nucor S.r.l. will be responsible for revising the content of the present policy, to check its correct and punctual application and to quantify developments concerning the progress made with regards to the objectives.

San Zeno Naviglio, 15th november 2018